Olds Elevator is a bulk conveyor that can elevate and convey vertically, or on an incline, a broad range of materials including dense abrasives, sand, pellets, grains, powders and minerals.  By virtue of its design, it can also be used as a feeder and heat exchanger while inherently protecting against dust explosion.

Simple design with few moving parts ensures maintenance is limited to accessible, long lasting and low cost parts. Olds Elevator is able to minimise the high cost of maintenance and energy consumption associated with bucket elevators, conventional screw elevators and augers, pneumatic conveyors and inclined belt conveyors while at the same time contributing to a safer workplace.

The features, advantages and benefits of the Olds Elevator Technology have it being used in a range of applications across industries including:

  • foundry
  • railway
  • transport
  • mining
  • renewable energy
  • bio fuels
  • chemical
  • agriculture
  • food
  • glass
  • plastics
  • rubber



  • Winner - Australian Bulk Handling’s Innovative Technology Award 2006.
  • Finalist - Australian Bulk Handling’s Dust Control Technology, Application and Practice 2008.
  • Finalist - Australian Bulk Handling’s Best Practice OH&S 2008.

Our Clients Include

  • Pryotek
  • Genesee Wyoming
  • Safe Mate!
  • SBR
  • Aurizon
  • Freightliner