Olds Elevator

The innovative Olds Elevator technology is a breakthrough in the field of bulk material conveyors and elevators.

Invented by Peter Olds for use in his foundry to lift sand, shake-out sand and shot blast it was an immediate improvement over traditional bucket elevators and pneumatic systems. The Olds Elevator is inexpensive, easy to maintain, simple and clean. 

This ingenious new tool is capable of delivering engineers and business operators considerable benefits in terms of cost savings and improved processing efficiency.

Capable of vertical or inclined bulk material elevation, performance is more predictable, more reliable, more product friendly, more product tolerant and much less maintenance prone than conventional bulk material transfer equipment such as bucket elevators, pneumatic conveying systems, screw conveyors, augers, and inclined belt conveyors. The Olds Elevator can also be used as a variable rate feeder as the transfer rate is volumetrically proportional to the speed. More benefits and advantages.

Elevating and Conveying solutions designed to suit your application

EMTT designs and builds each Olds Elevator using quality products and materials.  We are committed to providing your business with reliable, efficient and cost competitive solutions to your bulk material transfer requirements.

View our photo gallery to see how Olds Elevators are being used today.

Proudly Australian

The Olds Elevator was invented by Mr Peter Olds of Olds Engineering in Maryborough Queensland and now is available worldwide. EMTT is an Australian licensee partner. We design and manufacture equipment employing the Olds Elevator technology in Australia for the Australian and other international markets.


Our Clients Include

  • Pryotek
  • Genesee Wyoming
  • Safe Mate!
  • SBR
  • Aurizon
  • Freightliner