Sandpiper Locomotive Sander

How Sandpiper works

The Sandpiper's key point of difference with many sanding systems being offered is that it does not use pneumatics or pressurisation to convey the sand to the locomotive sand box. Instead, the Olds Elevator technology is used to mechanically elevate the sand to the head of the elevator. Gravity is used to deliver sand from the head of the elevator down the distribution hoses, through butterfly-type nozzles, into the sandbox.  Unlike pneumatic sanding systems, the gentle handling characteristics of the Olds Elevator minimises particle degradation and therefor minimises dust creation. Eliminating pressurisation significantly reduces component wear and the associated downtime and maintenance costs. 

Improve safety and operational efficiencies

The Sandpiper provides an opportunity for railway operators to improve operational efficiencies and to better manage Work Health and Safety (WHS) risks associated with locomotive traction sanding.

It does away with the ’2 men, a ladder, and a few 20 kilogram bags of sand method’ familiar to some operators. While significantly reducing WHS risks, it also plays a key part in minimising provisioning time.

The Sandpiper is virtually dust-free, contributing to a safe working environment and reducing exposure of operators to problematic airborne crystalline silica dust.

Simple and Low Cost

Sand quickly and easily with the flexibility to sand in a variety of locations.  Components and operation are simple.  As the Sandpiper uses Olds Elevator rather than pnuematics, it requires relatively little maintenance, uses less power than a pneumatic system of comparable size, and can be easily integrated into proposed and existing locomotive provisioning facilities, railway yards, or rail sidings in the field. 

While EMTT can assist with routine servicing and maintenance, this can usually be done by suitably qualified in-house personnel.  We design and build the equipment using only quality materials and components so can always assist with advice.

Designed to suit your application

Each Sandpiper is designed to suit the specific application and loco sanding requirements of the client. The specification will take into account the height and position of the sandboxes being provisioned, the nature of the siding or provisioning location, the volume of sand and flow rate required to service the locomotives, and budget.  Typically, site installed Sandpiper is best suited to locomotive with sand fill points positioned up high.

The Sandpiper can be permanently site located, or portable. All portable units are fitted with forklift slides for ease of mobility. These can be truck or trailer-mounted or be positioned in a semi-permanent location.  Sandpiper can be mains powered or self powered.


Our Clients Include

  • Pryotek
  • Genesee Wyoming
  • Safe Mate!
  • SBR
  • Aurizon
  • Freightliner