Olds Elevator - How it works

How it works

The basic operating principle of the Olds Elevator is very simple, however it is a whole new science with features and advantages that may benefit a diverse array of bulk material handling applications.  The stati screw Olds Elevator Technology reverses conventional screw conveyor / auger design methodology. The design has only one moving part in contact with the bulk material, a tubular casing with attached in-feed scoops that rotates around a static screw. Generous clearance is provided between the static screw and casing. This clearance is an important design feature that prevents damage to the bulk material, casing wear and metal-on-metal contact.

The elevator is self-feeding at a controlled rate as it rotates. Bulk material in the feed hopper typically covers the in-feed scoops. Friction against the inner wall of the casing rotates the material and causes product resting on the screw flight to be driven gently up the inclined face of the screw.

The full-bore flow of material avoids back-flow or "leakage" of material through the annular clearance, and hence improves "transport" (operational) efficiency. This also helps to stabilise the central position of the screw to inhibit casing contact, and contrasts dramatically with the dynamic "leakage" that takes place in a conventional screw elevator that offers little resistance to the whirling potential of the rotating screw.

Transport efficiency is increased further by the lower slip between the particles and screw flight surface (when compared with a conventional vertical screw conveyor).


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Quiet in operation, the unique design delivers a flow of material that is always smooth and steady, free from the pulsations experienced with conventional screw conveyors and bucket elevators. Fragile and difficult to handle materials can be conveyed with negligible damage. The gentle handling characteristic of the technology minimises product degradation and dust creation. Matched to a variable speed drive, Olds Elevator achieves accurate and infinitely variable flow control enabling it to be used as a volumetric feeder.

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