The Patented DSH Systems dust suppression hopper allows dry, dusty, granular materials to flow coherently ‘en masse’ so that dangerous dust emissions are virtually eliminated.

The unique DSH System also offers positive product transfer control, unlike other handling and loading methods which entrain air, resulting in dust particles becoming airborne, leading to expensive problems and environmental and Health and Safety issues.

The DSH System reduces product wastage thus increasing profit margins and can also eliminate the need for more expensive dust control methods. The standard model requires no utilities and has no internal moving parts!

DSH inventor and Director of DSH Systems Pty Ltd, Trevor Schwass said, "This new method opens up many new possibilities because dry, dusty, granular materials can now be loaded and transferred with minimal dust emissions". The DSH System offers plant managers and engineers clear, practical cost savings plus environmental and health and safety benefits. Safety and clean air are priceless and achievable with a cost-effective DSH Systems solution.

DSH Systems Dust Suppression Hopper Video

Olds Elevator fitted with DSH Systems Dust Suppression Hopper Video

Our Clients Include

  • Pryotek
  • Genesee Wyoming
  • Safe Mate!
  • SBR
  • Aurizon
  • Freightliner